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iRates Revolution in automated hotel revenue management

Our Company

i-Rates LLC, was founded in 2011 as a spin off from Neurok Techsoft LLC, a San Diego based company that provides intellectual data processing services for industrial and commercial customers.

The i-Rates Development Team has twenty years of experience working with data. During this time our specialists have worked with economic, technical, seismic, medical, logistical, chemical, and various other industries. Solutions made in close cooperation with businesses have allowed our customers to obtain competitive advantages and to make break-throughs in their markets.

All products developed by our R&D team are characterized by:

Working with data requires a variety of skills. We've built our software with foresight, diligence and accuracy. At the same time, we center on creativity, unique solutions, and technical breakthroughs.

Our company has established a well-organized and friendly team that operates as a unified group of technical experts. We have extensive experience in programming, R&D, in-depth marketing research and close involvement with our revenue management specialists and partners. This allowed us to develop a new-generation integrated analytical instrument we call i-Rates. We consider this the first computer system in Revenue Management that provides a synthesis of human expertise and innovative computer intelligence.

Our Company

Company History

The actual activities of our company began in the early 1990s, long before its formal birth. Due to an International collaboration of several leading scientific laboratories in Russia and the United States, the i-Rates development team studied and improved advanced informational and mathematical neural network technologies for optimization, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence.

Since 2002 our Development Team has participated in the implementation of a Russian-American business project for the Exxon Mobil Corporation, which remains a regular customers of the Neurok group.
In 2004 our developers received a new powerful impetus of development. The major Russian company OJSC "Transneft", tasked us with meeting the challenge of pipeline inspection for its high-tech unit OJSC TDC "Diascan". Procter and Gamble, who serves consumers in more than one hundred and eighty countries, also awarded our development team a large project.

Over all of these years our developers have been improving their technological methods to the extent that today our team can meet the challenges of virtually any sophisticated project regardless of its size and complexity.

In our consistent search for new projects, we have found a market that is in need of a highly intellectual computer system. We immersed our team in the complexity of solving the challenging problem of precise automation of Pricing and Revenue Management for hotel operations. This was accomplished using the latest technology and mathematical methods developed during the last 20 years, and enhanced by our researchers.

And we succeeded!

Company History


We use modern mathematical apparatuses based on recognized technologies of artificial intelligence and other effective algorithms, such as:

  • Online training neural networks
  • optimization and pattern recognition
  • Clustering and classification of data
  • Search and analysis of data gaps and outliers
  • Estimation of data density distribution
  • Analysis of major constituent and nearest neighbor search
  • Regression data analysis

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In addition, we have significantly improved the efficiency and quality of standard technologies (Growing Neural Tree, Graph Based Classifier, Generative Topographic Mapping, Piercing).

Our company develops branch software tools that enable processing data flow in real time and can be integrated into your technological and business processes.

Our Latest Technology
the i-Rates platform for solving adaptive control and dynamic optimization problems.

With our innovative methods and technologies we have created i-Rates. A product that helps hoteliers achieve the highest possible yield from operations through synthesis of human expertise and new-generation computer intelligence. It provides in-depth understanding of the hotels' demand patterns. Additionally it adapts this knowledge to each specific property and efficiently reacts to changing market conditions.

The platform is designed to meet the challenges of business process automation that are performed by sales and revenue managers. A distinctive feature of the system is compactness and ergonomics combined with a high level of machine intelligence. The system is designed to minimize the load and level of errors in making management decisions (including price management). i-Rates solves the problem of synthesizing the expert knowledge of the manager with the latest mathematical methods of the theory of adaptive optimal control. The control system is based on three types of analysis:

  1. Extraction and analysis of fundamental information from the available historical data. This information allows the system to include the fundamental features inherent in the business process.
  2. Real-time analysis of the current state of the business process and forecasting its future evolution.
  3. Development of optimal control solutions at the current time.

The management system is based on dynamic programming method using Bellman's Principle of Optimality (R. Bellman).

i-Rates is our state-of-the-art proprietary software, copyright protected and patent pending