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iRates Revolution in automated hotel revenue management


i-Rates wins the competition! September 25th, 2012

Leaving Las Vegas with the ‘Innovation’ crown

Sep 25, 2012

A company which has wrapped rocket science up in a calculator interface won the day at this year’s EyeforTravel Travel Distribution Summit in North America. Pamela Whitby catches up i-Rates after the event to hear its next steps.

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We won! September 20th, 2012

i-Rates was selected as the most innovative company in the travel industry at the EyeforTravel TDS North America in Las Vegas on Sep 13! Click here to see photo

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i-Rates goes to Russia! September 11th, 2012

i-Rates LLC. has started tapping into the Russian hospitality market.
Official distributor for the i-Rates software in the Russian region is Neurok Techsoft, LLC based in Moscow.

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