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iRates Revolution in automated hotel revenue management

About Us

Through the efforts of our i-Rates group of diverse experts in varying fields from programmers to long time hotel and business professionals, we have created a new product that will empower hotel properties to yield greater profits with less effort, and provide maximum control over day-to-day Hotel Revenue Management functions.

Our Company

Our company’s success rests on extensive experience in programming, R&D, in-depth marketing research, and Revenue Management.  Over the years, our specialists have been improving their technology and methods of working with customers. Today our team can meet challenges of virtually any size and complexity. 

Our Team

i-Rates is made up of a group of diverse experts in fields ranging from programmers to long time hotel and business experts. Years of experience on the part of each individual has given i-Rates an unequaled edge in development of a unique software program. Our company has established a well-organized and friendly team that operates as a single organism.

Our Partners

Your hotel's success is at the core of iRates mission. Our partners are carefully selected to compliment the iRates solution by building an efficient, effective eco-system.